my life is doomed/blessed to be peppered with intense conversation at inconvenient times.


the only conclusion i’ve drawn in this exasperating five days is that i am far too invested (in all things) for the average person. i’m talking about you. i’m thinking about you. i’m wondering about you.


when someone you know the two sides of a bell curve to is sitting on your couch, crying, perhaps it isn’t the best time for The Hard Questions.

the previous conversations — dick jokes and loose metaphysics told in the same sharply exhaled breath — should be an indicator as to the overall readiness of the individual.

but they’ve all had it easy for so long. you’ve had it easy for so long. you need to move on.

so let me show you how to do that.


spending 10 years of your life in the same situation facing a slightly different direction isn’t experience. it’s just your perception playing tricks on you. showing you the other side of the same shitty idea.

it’s not a separate dimension, it’s a set of goggles for your current configuration. so, defy all logic, ignore what everyone else is saying, and come with me.

the physics are much more interesting in this other place.


the great lakes await.