it begins as an effort to learn more. be better. think odder.

i tend to retain things properly if i review them by writing about them. so i’ll offer anyone who stumbles on this tiny piece of land the chance to learn along with me.

today i was prompted into thinking about the complex analogies that run our lives (i originally typed ‘ruin’, that most certainly is a sign).

humans spend all this time with these unimaginably lofty convoluted metaphors. implied relationships and suggested meaning. our daily lives are governed by proverbial wiggling eyebrows and nudges with other’s elbows.

all this symbolism that people pick up along the way is astonishing and overwhelming to me. red means love. unless it means anger. or stop. how many of my days have been ruined by a perceived slight or too-deep a reading into a comment? by my own emotions toward something i don’t quite understand?

why are human lives governed by these intangible concepts instead of the invisible chemical reactions that explain the actions and reactions? the macro and the micro sit on opposite ends of the bell curve, dictating what goes on, but

you never explain to someone that you’re angry because synapses are firing and squishy parts of your brain are releasing specific chemicals for consumption. nor do you take time to mention that said synapses are firing because a long chain of neurons are conditioned through years of various exposures to send specific negative messages and reactions regarding daddy issues.

let alone mention what your electrons or gluons are up to.

instead, ‘friend drama’. but ‘friend’ is a completely arbitrary structure. it has implied concepts tied to it that when broken down and dissected, seem silly or even clumsy. these definitions are relegated to waves of the hand, and flippant ‘oh you know what i means’.

one end is too technical, too rigid in it’s logical, chemical steps for just anyone.

the other end is too open to interpretation.